10.810.33 Peony Stem 30x25x79cm Soft Pink

10.810.33 Peony Stem 30x25x79cm Soft Pink

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size: 30x25x79cm

color: Soft Pink

When it comes to decorating with greenery, Rogue’s artificial trees and plants are a highly-sought after option.
This giant hosta plant is the perfect excuse to add pops of colour to your interiors.
It’s outstandingly realistic due to its luscious leaves and design details; being artificial, it also offers longer-lasting beauty with no fuss.
It’s so lifelike, you won’t believe your eyes.
Simply place into one of our ceramic pots, planters or woven baskets for a charming appearance.
Add pops of greenery to your interiors with this delightful giant hosta plant from Rogue.