Please Stop Touching Me... And Other Haikus By Cats

Please Stop Touching Me... And Other Haikus By Cats

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Author: Coleman, Jamie

Description: Please Stop Touching Me Every time you do I have to lick everywhere It's so exhausting From the author of What I Lick Before Your Face comes this hilarious companion, Please Stop Touching Me ... and Other Haikus by Cats. Jamie Coleman returns with this brilliant collection of feline flights of fancy. His hilarious haikus take us inside the minds of our most popular pets revealing their inner-most secrets, their disdain for their owners and the poetry that is common to all cats. Featuring over 50 haikus complete with glorious images, this is a hysterical gift for cat lovers, cat haters, and poetry enthusiasts alike.

Publisher: Bantam Press

ISBN: 9781787632677

Dimensions: 15.4 and 12 cm

Publish Date: 05/11/2019